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What is Modular Kitchen

The modular kitchens are those which are formed by a combination of pre – designed cabinets, which are made with standard measures. Unlike custom kitchens, these types of kitchens have cabinets that have a series of fixed characteristics that cannot be varied, but among which you can choose a selection of sizes and features that allow you to configure a highly personalised kitchen.

Although it is not a custom-made kitchen, the customisation that the modules allow is so precise that the result has nothing to envy, since it also adapts to any space , achieving a perfect result or for the needs of each style. family .

The key to a successful modular kitchen is in the sizes, models and the finishes offered, to ensure that every customer finds what he was looking for . In addition to these characteristics, it will highlight the quality of the materials, an essential part for us, which helps us to feel really satisfied with the end result of your kitchen. Since, the modules you have chosen will fit perfectly into the space to give you the feeling that it has been designed thinking only of you.

Modules of different sizes

As mentioned, the modules and their different sizes are essential to build modular kitchens to suit all space s . Normally, there are three large groups of modular furniture : those designed for the lower part of the kitchen, those designed for the upper part and tower furniture that can contain from the floor to the ceiling; fridge, ovens or a large pantry.

The upper furniture can be of two heights, depending on where you want them to go, the first option will be up to the ceiling and the second with a more accessible height. Both the upper and lower ones have different ideal widths for you to combine as you like.

Of course, another type of furniture that cannot be missing, are those designed to build islands and peninsulas, nor can we forget the corner furniture, the most used to create kitchens in the shape of E or U.

Modules for different needs

Not all the modules have the same mission , that’s why in your new kitchen you should have the ones for storage , the simplest ones, they only have a shelf or two – depending on the size. It is also important that you include modules adapted to your appliances , such as those designed to embed the oven or microwave.

Furniture with drawers are essential in any kitchen, you will find a drawer with var i as depth is , this style is perfect so you can save; silverware, tea towels, larger utensils, and even small appliances like the toaster or juicer. On the other hand, there are the lower modules , those that are designed to support weight like your kitchen counter.

Although they have several uses, all the module types have a common characteristic, all have pieces to finish off the sides that are visible . These pieces have a finish similar to that of the doors and drawer fronts that help to show off the final work.

High quality materials

This is the most important part, since the materials with which the module is manufactured will be those that determine the quality of the kitchen. The kitchen frame, that is, the furniture itself, must be well treated to withstand the humidity typical of this room, without penetrating the wood to prevent it from swelling and damaging it.

It is also important to have a heat treatment , so that the furniture does not spoil quickly in the event that, for example, a stove is left on. This is something that no longer happens to us as much, but equally, a quality kitchen must be able to support it without deteriorating.

Doors should have a finish that proves aesthetically flawless because doors and drawer fronts are the parts of the kitchen most seen and to determine án his image . Therefore, they must have a finish that, in addition to being of the highest quality, must also be beautiful, attractive and updated according to current trends.

Contact our experts to get all the information you need about your new modular kitchen. We only work with the highest quality materials. We will wait for you!

Professional auctions

One of the fundamental aspects of a kitchen is how it is finished. Modular kitchens can leave small holes that need to be finished in a professional way so that everything seems to be made for the exact measurements of your kitchen.

The hands of the professionals who install our kitchens and the solutions proposed in the designs created for each home, make this type of kitchen have very careful finishes so that your space is at the height of the kitchens of the best restaurants.

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