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Interior Design with Sliding Doors in Bangalore: Advantages/Dis-Advantages

At Coblonal Interiorismo , when deciding on an interior design project which type of doors can be more functional and practical, sliding doors are an option to consider if we have little space.


1. The sliding doors have the main advantage optimize interior space of a stay and allow us to take advantage of small spaces, in addition to separate two environments on those occasions that interests us.

2. Depending on the material ( transparent glass, vinyl glass, wood …) of which the sliding doors are made, they will combine better with the style of decoration of a house, and will provide more light to the rooms that limit with said sliding door.

For example, in an apartment in the Eixample of Barcelona, ​​where the floors are usually small and narrow and the ratio of the square meter to buy or rent is very expensive, the installation of a transparent or vinyl glass sliding door will always provide more light and spaciousness. .

3. Therefore, if we include in the interior design project of our house the installation of a sliding door , we will be able to generate more space by combining two rooms, which individually are smaller.

4. We will be able to merge spaces and give more space to the rooms that share the sliding door: when opening the door, the first space is added to the second space.

5. Lengthen the spaces, especially if the sliding door goes from floor to ceiling: basic because the moment we open it, spatial continuity , amplitude, fusion of ceilings will be generated ; otherwise, visually the wall would prevent that continuity.


One of the disadvantages of sliding doors is that they do not provide good sealing or tightness. On the other hand, the folding or traditional doors do close the room in a more complete way, although they occupy a space in each room that makes the most of sliding doors.


The sliding glass doors , whether transparent or vinyl, have the advantage that they can be very thin in thickness (1cm glass), while giving lightness to the room and allowing light to pass through , providing luminosity to both rooms that share the sliding door.

The wooden sliding doors white lacquered have more thickness than the sliding glass doors, approximately 4.5 cm, which are more present as spacer element when the sliding door is closed. Unlike sliding glass doors, they provide continuity to the wall until we open it and hide it.

We can also choose wooden sliding doors , such as American walnut hardwood, if we want the rooms that the door separates to convey warmth and elegance .


In this interior design project for a bright single-family house in Montcada i Reixac, a sliding door-wardrobe in black iron with glass has been chosen , giving transparency to the rooms it separates, and when it closes it integrates with the wardrobe in the living room. (fer link to proj. Montcada)

In this other interior design project of a triplex apartment in Sant Just, the wooden sliding doors of the living-dining room, one of them large (3 meters), are always open by default.

On the same floor of Sant Just we opted for a sliding door in the vinyl glass children’s bathroom , to give opacity to the decoration.

And in the same Sant Just project, the white lacquered sliding door was devised to separate the two children’s bedrooms, giving a greater visual sensation when the door is open, than if each child had their room with the door closed without sharing space ( fer enllaç proj Sant Just).

The sliding door that divides the living-dining room of this one-story interior design project in the Sant Gervasi neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​allows you to have the different rooms that you share open with ample space and light .

But when we need privacy in the office area, by closing the two white lacquered sliding doors , we will be able to isolate the living-dining room area from that of the office.

In the interior design of this rustic-style house in Baix Empordà, a sliding door made of American walnut hardwood was chosen to give elegance to the room; the sliding door does not reach the ceiling, but the same wood continued to the ceiling. (fer link)

In this other interior design project for a penthouse in Barcelona, ​​we see a sliding door-closet with gallery , that is, the guide through which the sliding door slides is not embedded in the ceiling, but is in the gallery.

In this case, the sliding door is a mirror on one side and lacquered on the other.

There are special handles for sliding doors , by means of which the space is kept clean when the door remains closed: in this white lacquered door, the handle hides in the wall when we open the door, but leaves a space for pulling with the fingers of the hand we can close it comfortably.

In this other case, we see a metal handle on a bronze-colored sliding glass door , which is hidden so that the room is cleaner.

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