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False Ceiling ( Designs, Cost Included )

False Ceiling– The Complete Guide!

Transform your home decor with a false ceiling designed and installed by RedKraft and be the owner of the much talked about home in your housing society. This renowned interior designer in Hyderabad will provide you that extra glamour needed for the ‘fifth wall’ of your house.

Our homes reflect our personality. It defines who we are and projects our lifestyle. A good attractive ceiling is an integral part of a modern home décor and hence it is pertinent to hire an expert who takes care of everything, right from conceptualisation till execution.

Gone are the days when we had plain, boring white coloured ceiling, contemporary homes now come with varieties of false ceiling that maintains the design aesthetics of your home and amplifies the appeal.

It’s not that false ceiling is something new, it existed for years and have now been in great demand among home buyers. They are available in various patterns, finishes, materials and cost.

Depending on your budget and lifestyle, you can opt for the one that best suits you. Let’s deep dive in understanding various facets of false ceiling to assist you in making the right choice.  

What is False Ceiling?

It is a secondary ceiling that hangs below the structural ceiling, which is considered to be the main ceiling. Also known to be suspended or dropped or grid ceiling, this secondary structure conceals the original ceiling and beautifies the overall look of the house.

Increasingly, modern home buyers are willing to do up their ceiling to have pleasing finishes. Suspended by metal or wooden frames at a minimum distance of 8 inches, these fitted ceilings provide us with a stylish look. RedKraft Interiors have been crafting these structures based on various themes.

There are several reasons why a false ceiling is installed, some of them are listed below…

  • False ceiling adds depth to the roof by emphasizing the gap in between the original structure and the installed structure.

  • It is best used for concealing duct work, electrical wiring and pipes.

  • False ceiling enhances the overall look of your house. POP ceilings with interesting designs can provide unique look to the room décor.

  • It is also used as a thermal insulation thereby making the room cooler.

  • Hanging ceiling plays a major role in acoustics and sound absorption.

  • It also provides opportunity to install different kinds of light and thereby gives an elegant look to your room.

Types of False Ceiling

Now that we have a fair idea about false ceiling, let’s have a look at the popular types that are in high demand. A well-planned false ceiling always provides functional and aesthetic features to your room.

Generally false ceiling are classified as per the material used in them, each having their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Following types are commonly used.

1) POP False Ceiling : Plaster of Paris (POP) is the most commonly used material for residential as well as commercial roofing application.

It is maintenance free with high durability and acts as an insulators of heat and cold.

It gives smooth finish and enhances the look of your ceiling. The only drawback of POP is its tendency to crack over a period of time.

2) Gypsum False Ceiling : Gypsum is light weight and its fire resistance property makes it a great material for false ceiling.

Gypsum boards are easily amenable to wallpaper and various texture finishes. Its thermal and sound insulation property also makes it a preferred false ceiling material.

3) Wood False Ceiling : These kind of false ceiling are a visual delight. The natural patterns and texture adds life to your ceiling.

Wooden panels are easy to install and are suits well to houses in cold climatic zones. This natural material with sophisticated look is durable but vulnerable to termite attacks and warping.

4) PVC False Ceiling : Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a highly cost effective material with almost zero maintenance and easy to install.

Mostly used in bathrooms and toilets, or garages and basements, these are light weight and has no effect of moisture or damage by pests.

5) Fibre False Ceiling : Mostly used in commercial setup, this type of false ceiling are tough and fire resistant.

Easy to install, low cost and low in aesthetics make it highly suitable for shopping malls, retail showrooms and offices. 

6) Glass False Ceiling : The transparency of glass can be intelligently used to make small rooms look spacious.

The brittleness adds to the aesthetics of the room. These type of glass panels are mostly used in restaurant and eateries, book stores and jewellery showrooms.

7) Metal False Ceiling : Metals like aluminium, tin and galvanized iron are widely used for their hard and durable nature.

Easy to install and almost zero maintenance also makes it the preferred one. It can be easily removed and re-installed, if need be.

8) Synthetic Leather False Ceiling : These kind of false ceiling are less functional and more ornamental.

Intricate designs can be created on these to match up with the rest of interiors. Mostly used on a temporary basis, these types are used in events and exhibitions.

For any kind of false ceiling, RedKraft Interiors are there to help you choose the best that suits your pocket and would go with the overall theme of the interior décor. Their expert designers are there to guide you in your pursuit of best false ceiling.

Best False Ceiling Designs

While you decide on to go ahead with false ceiling, the next big question is to select the best design that matches your overall décor’s theme. We have delved into the design aspect and have listed below the best design that could possibly enhance the look of your ceiling.

i) Single Layered design – This type of design is simple yet will jazz up your room. Putting up apt colour and texture to it will further appeal the visual effect. Single layered designs are simple yet elegant. It is also easier to install in comparison to other types.

ii) Multi Layered design – Meant to be for larger rooms, you can play around with various patterns of multi-layered design and then do it up with well-orchestrated lighting to make it look awesome. This needs real expertise to achieve the right pattern and design.

iii) Coffered design – These look great on your ceiling adding some dramatic effect. Squared box panels are embedded into the ceiling and each of those boxes can have designer finish or lighting added to it. With the right combination of designs, this can be wonderful.

iv) Curvilinear or Dome shaped design – POP moulded into curvilinear shape can give fantastic results that could go well with your ceiling, thereby enhancing the look. It’s a bit tricky in achieving a perfect shape, but expert designers can get it right.

How much would a False Ceiling cost?

When you are all set to give that chic look to your interiors through installing a false ceiling, it is always good to have a knowledge on the monies it would require. Depending on the type of material you choose and the design you opt for, the cost would vary. Following are the price range that you should keep in mind before going for a false ceiling.

  • POP False ceiling will range anywhere between Rs 50 – 150 per sq ft. Designer POPs are expensive and can go up to Rs 200 per sq ft.

  • Gypsum boards used for false ceiling will be within the price range of Rs 50 – 150 per sq ft.

  • Wooden panels used for false ceiling is on the higher side and would range between Rs 90 – 650 per sq ft.

  • Acrylic and aluminium panels for false ceiling will range within Rs 150 – 170 per sq ft.

  • Glass panels for false ceiling starts from Rs 400 sq ft and can go upto thousands.

While it is fashionable to install a false ceiling, you should consider the following things before you jump into the bandwagon. RedKraft Interiors will do a due diligence before suggesting you the right material and design needed for the false ceiling.

  • You need to consider the fact that time and effort needed to install a false ceiling. It is also a messy affair and can disturb your peace of mind, more so when you are staying in the house.

  • Consider the design preferences and intelligently use false ceiling. Not necessarily the entire roof of the house should be covered, with minimum work you can have maximum effect depending on your design efficiency.

  • Keep in mind the future repairs and maintenance of false ceiling. Though it doesn’t require much of maintenance but dusting and mopping is needed occasionally. Feasibility of all future repairs should not be negated.

  • Be mindful about the headroom that is needed, else installing suspended ceiling can shorten your room height to a large extent. Avoid false ceiling for rooms with low ceilings. Any room with height of 11 feet and above is mostly eligible for false ceiling. For compact homes, a small portion of the ceiling at one corner can have this false ceiling to enhance the overall look of the room.

  • Get the false ceiling done by experts, as it requires precision designing and skills in installation. Experienced interior designers can do it better.

Where to install False Ceiling?

There’s no such rulebook to go by. False ceiling can be installed absolutely anywhere and everywhere depending on your preference. A living room with a false ceiling provides a grandeur of the room thereby creating a great impression among visitors and guests.

Whereas a bedroom with a false ceiling gives all the comfort and cosy feeling. Kitchens can also be fitted with false ceiling with focused light on the countertop area. To have an enjoyable dinner together, dining area can also feature a false ceiling which gives a personal touch to your dining experience.

So, bid adieus to your boring old ceiling and get it revamped and earn brownie points from your neighbours and other visitors. Surprise them with well-designed suspended ceilings that creates a cosy ambience and reflects your lifestyle.

However, get it done by experts who can suggest you the best fit with the kind of budget you have in your mind. Make sure your service lines and other connections like duct, electrical wires, AC piping etc are not hampered.

Don’t forget to light it up with various kinds of stylish light available in the market to give that royal look to your house. Let your house be your pride. Connect with RedKraft for a free visit and consultation so that you have a basic understanding before you take the final decision.

RedKraft with a decade long experience in beautifying roofs of both residential and commercial establishments will definitely want to partner you in your endeavour to create a gorgeous living space.

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